Interview in Australia Today (or is it tomorrow?)

Update: Well, I guess it will be tomorrow! Due to some technical difficulties with phones, we weren’t able to do the interview today, so will try again tomorrow, same time. Keeping fingers crossed it works then.

I (Nancy) will be doing a live interview on an Australian radio show called “The Starlight Zone” with Col Maybury of radio station 2NUR FM, a community radio station funded and operated by the University of Newcastle. For me, the interview will be on Wednesday Thursday at 3:50 pm (US Central Time) but in Australia it will actually be Thursday Friday morning at 6:50 am! How confusing! To keep it simple, the time is 20:50 Universal Time.

You can listen live HERE, (Look for the link on the left that says “Listen”) but I believe a recording will also be available later, and if so I’ll post it here at that time.

The interview will only be 5 minutes long, and from what Col has told me, he wants to ask me about the concept of a one-way mission to Mars (or maybe this one).

Hope you can listen in.

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