Space News for June 1, 1999

Shuttle Astronauts Visit Space Station

As part of their mission, astronauts from the Space Shuttle began their supply mission to the International Space Station by checking out their future home. Although it’s noisy and cold, the ISS already feels like home. The astronauts will spend the next 3 days transferring their cargo over.

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Increased Solar Storms Could Be a Threat in Year 2000

Researchers are forecasting that 2000 will be at the height of the sun’s 11-year solar cycle – a time when it’s most active with solar flares. This increase solar activity could cause a range of problems, from interference with satellite transmission to endangering astronaut’s spacewalks.


New Class of Brown Dwarf Discovered

Astronomers have discovered what they believe is a new class of star, which they’re calling methane brown dwarves. Approximately 10 to 80 times the size of Jupiter, the stars are too small to have the nuclear reactions that make stars shine brightly.

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Amateur Rocketeers Fight for Space Prize

The Space Frontier Foundation is offering $250,000 to the first amateur rocket group that can get a payload of 4.4 pounds into space (124 miles). Many groups are vying for the prize, and they’re using many innovative methods to get there, including launches from balloons.

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