Space News for May 31, 1999

Evidence of Possible Oceans on Mars

Recent maps of the Red Planet taken by the Mars Global Surveyor have found possible evidence of oceans, that could have covered the planet in the past. This evidence includes what seems to be the shorelines of two dried up oceans.

ABC News

Shuttle Docks with Space Station

It took some tricky piloting, but Space Shuttle commander Kent Rominger successfully hooked up the spacecraft with the International Space Station. Although the Space Shuttle has docked with Mir many times in the past, it was the first docking with a US space station since Skylab.

Astronomy Now

Chandra Preparations Resume

After being on hold while the Air Force investigates a string of misfired rockets, preparations to launch the Chandra X-Ray Observatory have resumed. Chandra is to use the same Inertial Upper Stage rocket as those responsible for misplace Air Force satellites – NASA is cautious, but still moving forward.

Astronomy Now

British Businessman was too Tall to Fly on Mir

A recent report from the Russian Space Agency has quelled the rumors of why British businessman Peter Llewellyn won’t be flying up to Mir. It turns out he’s too tall (6’3″), and won’t fit on the spacecraft. Although he could fit in the commander’s seat, it would put the rest of the crew at risk.

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