The Countries Most at Risk to Asteroid Impacts

Impact crater here on Earth. Image credit: NASAIf you’re planning a move in the next few years, you might want to consider thread from asteroid impact on your list of annoyances. Researchers from the University of Southampton have modeled the consequences of asteroid strikes around the Earth, and figured out which countries would suffer worst.

For asteroids larger than 1km across, the consequences of an impact are global. But for smaller rocks, it all depends on whether it hits land or water. When an asteroid hits 200 metres across, a water impact would cause tsunamis across the oceans of the entire planet. Anything on the coasts would be affected.

The team calculated how severely various countries would be affected by a water strike in terms of lives lost and economic damage. China, Indonesia, India, Japan and the United States face the greatest overall threats.

Original Source: University of Southampton News Release

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  1. considering we’re more at risk to tearing our own atmosphere to shreds, blowing ourselves up, or being cheated by corrupt politicians, its almost a relief to think that this is something we have to be concerned with, that there is still something that would silence any lying senator or insane dictator

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