Space News for April 20, 1999

Hubble Captures Images of the Moon

Designed to catch light from the dimmest stars, the immense light-gathering power of the Hubble Space Telescope was used to capture images from a target much closer to home – the Moon. Hubble was aimed at a 93km wide impact crater, where it produced photographs of crisp detail.

Astronomy Now

Darwinian Principles Applied to Space Exploration

The current opinion of NASA – that hordes of small space probes are more cost-effective than larger, expensive spacecraft – could be under serious criticism, thanks to a new evolutionary computer program designed to breed spacecraft designs to determine the most cost effective probes.

Fox News

NASA Approves Gore’s Satellite Idea

NASA has approved the development of a controversial satellite called Triana, designed to provide ongoing footage of the Earth from one of the Lagrange points. The controversy stems from the fact that the idea for this $75 Million satellite was provided by Vice-President Gore – even though there have been many recent NASA budget cuts.

Space Online

Cassini Suffers Renewed Backlash

The atomic-powered Cassini spacecraft is back for a gravity boost from the Earth before it speeds its way onto Saturn. This concerns nuclear activists, who fear that the spacecraft may collide with the Earth and spray us with radioactivity.