Space News for April 19, 1999

Astronauts Complete Partially Successful Mir Spacewalk

Russian cosmonaut Viktor Afanasyev and French astronaut Jean-Pierre Heignere spent six hours “spacewalking” outside of the Mir spacestation on Friday. Their goal was to repair some holes in the hull and perform a few experiments, but they ran out of time and had to return before completing their mission.

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Global Surveyor Suffers Antenna Glitch

The Mars Global Surveyor was attempting to deploy its high-gain antenna boom to point at Earth when it developed a problem with one of its hinges. The spacecraft was put into “contingency mode” while JPL and Lockheed Martin engineers attempt to determine the problem.

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Team Delays Mercury Capsule Salvage

Suffering problems with its equipment, the team planning to retrieve the Mercury space capsule delayed its operation at least a day – they expect to head out Monday. The team is looking for the Mercury capsule that almost drowned astronaut Gus Grissom when an emergency hatch blew open after splashdown in 1961.

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Air Force Plans Investigation into NASA Launch Problems

Thanks to the recent botched launch of the Defense Support Program satellite, the US Air Force is investigating the upper-stage motor that apparently caused the satellite to enter an incorrect orbit. This investigation will probably delay the launch of the Chandra X-ray telescope that is planning to use the same motor.

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