Spock’s Astronomy Quiz

Have you ever wanted to test your astronomy knowledge against the best? Then take the warp speed jump to Spock’s Astro Quiz. It’s more than just astronomy trivia, it’s a great way to test your astronomy knowledge, learn more about astronomy related topics and interact via live chat with others interested in astronomy…

Welcome to Spock’s Astro Quiz, a great place to see just how much you know about astronomy and to enjoy the company of astronomy minded individuals. No special knowledge, secret passwords, or fancy hoops to jump through to enjoy the fun… All you have to do is click Log In and get started!

While you’re there, this interactive site will not only allow to test your astronomy skill against Spock’s, but to chat live with astronomy-minded visitors and play against each other as well. Just a word of caution though… Spock plays a clean astronomy game. Use a swear word and you’ll be warned once. Do it again and you’re permanently beamed out. The astronomy quiz and astronomy chat board is continually monitored and safe for players of all ages. Solicitors of any type will be immediately banned.

Test your astronomy skill… Enjoy the company of other astronomy friends during cloudy nights… And live long and prosper!

Brought to you by Macedon Ranges Observatory.

6 Replies to “Spock’s Astronomy Quiz”

  1. This doesn’t seem to be working. The IRC login script seems to be getting hung up and nothing happens.

  2. Just wanted to say that this web site rules. Love the continued updating through the weekends. Great stories. keep it up.

  3. Apparently Spock experienced an episode of ponfar…

    I am happy to report he has returned and is ready to match wits with you again!


  4. Another successful venture Bert. Congratulations on a site that is run by professional people with a pro-active outlook and pure astronomy related issues, not personal ones.

  5. Mr. Spock has not returned. The link lists everything he will not allow, and nothing further.

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