Happy Space Day!

It’s the first Friday in May; therefore it must be Space Day! Since 1997 people around the world have used this day to celebrate humankind’s accomplishments in our exploration of space, as well as recognizing the benefits and opportunities that space exploration provides. While anyone can celebrate this occasion, the main goal of Space Day is to “promote math, science, technology and engineering education by nurturing young peoples’ enthusiasm for the wonders of the universe and inspiring them to continue the stellar work of today’s space explorers.” So, if you can, spend some time today talking about space and astronomy with a young person. Even better: do a space-related activity together….

The Space Day website has some great information for students, educators and parents and includes activities, games, and educational materials to download. For educators there are lesson plans and an event organizer.

The website even lists 101 Ways To Celebrate Space Day. Some of my favorites are:

#2. Pretend you are a reporter. Write a story about an important event in space exploration history. (I really like this one, and its even better when you don’t have to pretend!)

#23. Make models of craters or volcanoes from other planets. (Both are extremely fun.)

#37. Ask a librarian to help you find books about space exploration. (Librarians are wonderful.)

#101. Celebrate Space Day on the first Friday of May!

Learn more about Space Day here.

5 Replies to “Happy Space Day!”

  1. Since the ancestral time, world space research is progressing on wrong concept because we unknown about space mirror which is a great mystery and creator of lots of mysteries viz. milk ways, galaxies, nebulas, white dwarfs, black holes etcs. Hence without study of space mirror the space research has no future.

    In sort it can not explain in short. Therefore it invites to visit http://www.spacemirrormystery.com to know the original truth.

    Mirror reflects frontier. Mirror functions like a wall. There is nothing ahead of mirror but reflection makes lively atmosphere into mirror. If two mirrors face each other in parallel position the concerned area between mirrors is converted to a biggest atmosphere because the concerned area reflected unlimitedly as front side and backside into each mirror frequently. Space mirror is based on above rule and we are unknown about space mirror.

    From sun the objects of area 225 million kilometer to 300 million kilometer of solar system reflects unlimitedly as front side and back side hence we find a very deep space and through giant telescopes we watch mystery after mystery.

    Telescope enlarges view not closes near view. Following may clear the concept.
    “A visitor of a desert often find mirage. If he moves, mirage also moves. He can never reach near the mirage. If he tries he can see enlarge view of mirage as smoky atmosphere through a telescopic instrument”.

    Giant telescope like Hubble and others may be the milestone of our technology but it can not help the real space research because we are capable to see the original objects of solar system within the radius of 150 million kilometer only. Ahead of it everything is mere image into space mirror.

  2. Umm… Hmmm… I think that for the time being, I will stick with learning the names of our 8 + 1 planets.. 🙂

  3. My what a bargain, for only $10,000.00 we can find the true proof that our sun is the only star and that everything else is just a reflection in the great mirror in the sky. The spice really must have gotten strong down there in India.

  4. Well happy space day everyone!

    And enough with the space mirror posts already!!!

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