A Solution for the Black Hole Information Paradox?

Illustration of a black hole. Image credit: Gallery of Tempolimit LichtgeschwindigkeitOne of the mysteries that has puzzled physicists has to do with black holes. When information goes into a black hole, is it completely destroyed, or is it maintained in some form? Physicist Stephen Hawking believes that black holes will evaporate over long periods of time, slowly releasing featureless particles. Whatever information went into the black hole would then be destroyed.

But new research for the University of York and Sainik School in India have developed a new experiment that might help shed light on this mystery. They found that if information at a quantum level appears to be destroyed, it’s actually hiding, and can show up somewhere else.

Instead of completely destroying the information, there would remain some kind of connection between the evaporated particles and the black hole’s internal state.

Original Source: University of York News Release