Matt William’s New Sci-Fi Book is Out: The Cronian Incident

It’s time to do a little shameless self promotion for our tireless staff writer Matt Williams. In addition to pumping out an astonishing amount of space news here on Universe Today, Matt is also a science fiction author, having written 10! books. But in the last week, he’s reached a bit of a special milestone: he’s a published science fiction author, thanks to Castrum Press.

Matt’s new book is called The Cronian Incident, and it’s part 1 of a new series called the Formist Series.

Here’s the blurb:

The Cronian Incident by Matthew Williams
The Cronian Incident by Matthew Williams

Just another convict?

A disgraced investigator who once worked the Martian beat, Jeremiah Ward now serves his sentence in a mining colony on Mercury.

His golden opportunity arises when a member of a powerful faction on Titan vanishes and Ward is promised, in exchange for investigating this man’s disappearance, a clean slate and a second chance.

Unwittingly, Ward becomes embroiled in a conspiracy centuries in the making and begins to realise his one shot at redemption may cost him his life.

From terraforming to colonisation, to the Technological Singularity and the future of space exploration; The Cronian Incident is a must read for fans of mystery science fiction.

I haven’t read it yet, but it’s on my list. But I just wanted to give a huge congratulations to Matt. Setting aside the time to write an entire novel is an enormous achievement. To do it while you’re already working a full time job where you write all day? That’s hurculean.

And I know that much of Matt’s work here on Universe Today informed the science he’s using in his stories, especially some of the ideas about terraforming, exotic forms of propulsion, and the future of humanity in space.

Matt hard at work at the office.
Matt hard at work at the office.

Congrats Matt!

Check out his book on Castrum Press

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  1. which one on the photo is Matt?

    Our dutch version of Amazon seem to sell it for €15 with 2wk delivery
    Sorry Matt, I’ve given up on real books for a backlit color screen e-reader.
    Moving with all the books everytime just broke my spirit and spine somewhere.

      1. no, not yet.
        Its consistent in selling paperback before ebooks. Might have to do with copy rights and ebooks.

  2. I like your science-take in UT. And I like Cats. So I may just buy you some catfood!
    Keep up the good doings –

  3. There can never enough Hard Sci-fi!!

    I will be looking forward to a good read

    Thanx and good luck with this

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