Incredible SRB Video

Take a look at this amazing video shot from the cameras located on the solid rocket boosters on space shuttle Endeavour’s recent launch. The fact it was a night launch really highlights all the flames and sparking. Most interesting, however, is that during the first two and a half minutes of acsent while the SRB’s are attached, the leading edges of the shuttle’s wings are fully visible. I know hindsight is 20/20, but if these cameras had only been in place for Columbia’s last launch….

But we’re learning from experience. These cameras not only give engineers good information and views of the shuttle’s thermal protection system, but they provide some spectacular footage for us all to enjoy.

Video Source: Reel NASA

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  1. Although I’m a geek and like the less “MTV’ish” version, I have to say good on ya, NASA, for trying to appeal to a younger demographic. Most of us alive today were not alive when the moon landing occurred. What has NASA done for us lately? You and I know, because we visit blogs like this, but Joey and Jenny Gen-Y have no idea, nor do they care! As the Apollo generation ages out and retires, who do you think will NASA will be looking to support the Space Program?

    Take a look at this presentation put together by some younger NASA employees, addressing this very issue.

    I can’t believe when I hear my students say that “Space exploration is BORING.” Yeah, maybe this is some marketing, but that’s what the space agency needs in order to get the public support they’ll need to ever get back to the moon, Mars, and beyond.

    Great video. Keep them coming, NASA!

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