Alarmist Asteroid 2007 TU24 Video

At the time I’m writing this, asteroid 2007 TU24 has nearly passed the Earth. As we’ve been hammering on here on Universe Today, the Earth is completely safe. Only if you have a telescope and know exactly where to look, will you stand a chance of spotting the flyby.

Even though he posted a video last week, debunking the collision claims, Bad Astronomer and (former) friend Phil Plait seems to have recanted.

Lowest form of life? Ouch.

Thanks to IronmanAustralia for the laugh. I’m still wiping the tears out of my eyes.

On another note, this is the first time I’ve tried embedding a YouTube video in Universe Today. I’m sure I’ve messed it up somehow. Let me know if you like this, and want more.

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  1. A link to download the video would be nice (there’s no properly working Flash for 64-bit Ubuntu).

  2. Wow. What a punk.

    He’s worse than any preacher I’ve seen in the American South. He tries to live by the truth and proceeds to assassinate his colleagues.

    If the truth is on his side, why does he need to call others scum of the earth? Aim for being salt of the earth, Phil. Make your case and move on.

  3. I must retract my previous comment.

    The video link is an assassination job in itself. The REAL video is far, far more level-headed and reasonable.

    His exact quote regarding Mr. Fraser Cain follows:

    “There are many astronomers–like myself, like Fraser Cain from universe today… that are eager to talk about astronomy to the public.”

    The “scum of the earth” comes in a completely different and unrelated part of the video.

    He wasn’t trashing you, Fraser. Somebody trashed him by remixing the video.

    Your link is approximately 3 minutes. The real video is over 9 minutes.

  4. Chris- you do realize that the “remix” is a joke right? That is why there is a “disclaimer” (per se) at the end…

    It is awfully sweet though that Fraser has a fan who is willing to console him in this dark hour… πŸ™‚

    LMAO- that is too funny!

  5. Having been a victim of twisted words on a few occasions, I had a high probability of not thinking this was funny at all.

    Add that to early morning and… blah… I’m instantly, totally humorless. πŸ™‚

  6. Top marks for this … can’t believe someone fell for it – with all the cuts’n’edits’n’all

    This brings astronomy to life!

  7. And yet there ARE people that are that daft… I seen at least 3 comments down in the youtube that go “YOU EDITED IT I SEE THE LIGHTING CHANGING”

    sigh. Well D’UH.

  8. What’s the big deal? If you go to The Bad Astronomer’s website, its plainly stated that his primary purpose is to debunk bad astronomy. He was talking about those who had made other videos depicting how the roid was gonna get us. Pffft, I agree with him, anyone intentionally altering the truth to gain attention or just to possibly make the news on TV – is scum. Its against the law to yell Fire!! in a theatre, I see little difference when some idiot yells The Sky Is Falling.

    As Mulder would say The Truth Is Out There. Making a scienceless video to scare people, not checking their facts is inexcusable. 6 months Community Service would be my sentence on them, at least.

  9. Tell me it’s not true! Fraser and Phil on the fritzs?

    I don’t currently have a sound card so I can’t check the vidieo myself. I really hope that this is a joke.

  10. He left something out!!!!! There is going to bE GRAVITATIONAL FLUX!!!! Oh! How HORRIBLE!!!

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