“What’s Up” With Tammy Plotner?

Greetings, Fellow SkyWatchers!

Have you missed me? All you have to do is take a look around the web for the retailer of your choice and you’ll find The Night Sky Companion. Thanks to the great folks at Springer Press (and Sir Patrick Moore), this incredible 674 page, full-color glossy book filled with astronomy pictures, astronomy history, sky watching tips and daily information is only a page away…

The Night Sky Companion takes a look at astronomy every day over the course of the year – offering an overview of general history, soft science, astronomical trivia, and observing guides and motivation. Designed to appeal to readers at all skill levels and involvement, it provides a digest for sky watchers interested in all-in-one-place information that includes history, current events, and of course interesting objects to be observed on any given day. The Moon is followed through its phases with observing instructions, annotated pictorial maps, concise photos, and the science and history of what makes lunar observing a fascinating challenge. Unaided eye observers are offered an opportunity to view many objects or events; learn about their history, science and how just “looking up” can be rewarding. Binocular and small telescope users will find a wealth of things to view using simple star hop instructions and finder charts. This book is more than just an observing guide, it’s a way of learning your way round the night sky. Large-aperture telescope users looking for a challenge are not ignored either. Some of the finest deep-sky objects are detailed, with finder maps and photographs, most of them taken by talented amateurs. Be it a meteor shower, double stars, variable stars, solar viewing, lunar features, a variety of catalog studies, history or the physics and science behind the stars – you’ll find it here, written in an easy-going style ideal for ‘dipping in’ on the relevant day, or even reading from cover to cover.

For those of you who support “Universe Today” through your amazon.com account, I heartily urge you to pick up your own copy here! Go ahead… Search inside! You’re going to love it, and look for even more books to be available soon… 😉

Sir Patrick Moore and "The Night Sky Companion"What’s the only thing more exciting than to have a book in the Sir Patrick Moore Series? Having Sir Patrick Moore approve of the book in person! Take a look as one of the photographer’s for The Night Sky Companion – Roger Warner – joins one of England’s land mark astronomers for an evening of observing. What a thrill!

I’ve very much missed my friends here at UT and I’m very happy to announce that in the weeks to come you’ll see my return with new material – from astronomy for kids to challenging telescope objects. It has long been a goal of mine to help others learn the way I did… Through practice, patience and persistence! Please feel welcome to give any suggestions you might have for future editions. I am always more than happy to share what I’ve learned – with you!

Light Speed,


10 Replies to ““What’s Up” With Tammy Plotner?”

  1. I snatched up the last copy in stock at Amazon. They state more on the way soon. Thanks for the tip, my family pooled our Xmas funds and bought a decent Celestron, so this book will be a neat addition.

  2. Is this a news story, or a shameless advertisement written by the author, himself?
    I “had a look inside”, too – really nothing but the index to look at!

  3. As Fraser Cain said, many of us have enjoyed Tammy’s work for free for years. I love her clear style of writing, and I was glad for the quick link to Amazon to order her book. It’ll be nice to have her writing in a real bound book – thanks!

  4. This is absolutely a shameless self-promotion from the author. But then, Tammy has been maintaining the What’s Up column for Universe Today for nearly 3 years – hundreds of thousands of people have downloaded her book for free. I figured the least I could do was let her get the word out about her next project.

  5. And the author herself sits and blushes furiously… You are very welcome and I appreciate comments on the content – what you’d like to see in the future, what could be improved, etc. I’ll even take a scathing review if the criticism is constructive! But, be nice… The only ulterior motive this old woman has is helping others to enjoy astronomy as much as I do!

  6. Hi, John… The 365 Days book is now titled “The Night Sky Companion” and is available only in book form. Thanks for your interest and keep tuned for upcoming Sky Watching Tips!

  7. Hi Tammy , the book is fantastic, excellent reading all through , and so glad i could contribute with my images , with more to come for future editions .

  8. Tammy: I have enjoyed the 365 Days in the past and don’t mind paying for the ‘book’, it is definitely worth it and you deserve your due for creating it. Being concerned about our environment, I always consider an electronic copy of a text rather than a printed copy. It would be great to see this available in an electronic format to purchase as well as a printed version.

    Keep up the great work and thanks for taking a moment to consider the request….

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