Podcast: Black Hole Questions Answered

Artist illustration of a black hole. Image credit: NASAOur episode on black holes generated many many questions from listeners. We dip into this bottomless pool of questions and start dealing with them. Are really big black holes like the Big Bang? How can black holes evaporate? What would it look like to stand on a black hole? And just how large would a rock have to be before its gravity is so strong that a human can’t escape?

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Black Hole Questions Answered – Show notes and transcript

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3 Replies to “Podcast: Black Hole Questions Answered”

  1. hi i would like to ask a question abot black holes, if say andromada and the milky way colide which they will (but not in a long time!) what would happen to the black holes and if they ever destroyed the universe where would they go would the go into the emptiness of space and eat other things and what would they eat?

    thanks for your time Ciaran (pronounced kerin) G

  2. Since gas can escape a black hole, but not light, does that not make supermassive black holes the origins of the nebulaes?

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