Astronomy Cast Ep. 387: Water on Mars… Again

Have you heard the big news? NASA has reported that Mark Whatney is alive and well on the surface of Mars. No, wait, they’ve reported that there’s water on Mars. Didn’t they already report this? Today we’ll update you on the latest discovery and what this means for the search for life on Mars.

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2 Replies to “Astronomy Cast Ep. 387: Water on Mars… Again”

  1. My understanding was that it wasn’t the presence of ‘water’ that was a big deal worthy of an actual full-blown press conference, but that not only had they confirmed the signature of H2O, but also that it was occurring to some degree in liquid phase, on the surface of this icy cold planet with the barely-worth-the-name atmosphere… the corollary being the old saw that “wherever water flows on Earth we find life.”

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