Astronomy Cast Ep. 382: Degenerate Matter

In some of the most extreme objects in the Universe, white dwarfs and neutron stars, matter gets strange, transforming into a material that physicists call “degenerate matter”. Let’s learn what it is, how it forms.

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2 Replies to “Astronomy Cast Ep. 382: Degenerate Matter”

  1. I would have started with the transition from plasma to the … words lacking… solid plasma? of the sun’s core underneath the convection zone.

    Or further back with the idea that atoms are mostly empty space. And when you got into more mass taking less space it might have been nice to nod to giant Jupiters being perhaps smaller on the way to being brown dwarfs…

    Degenerative matter reduces the overall set of properties of matter. Degenerate matter no longer has the full range of chemical properties and going through the stages has fewer and fewer.

  2. relatively nice discussion per racism etc. A bit limited on what diversity means but on the whole good.

    There is the issue of the internet pushing blending cultures so what is diversity in the long run?

    I also liked the discussion about distracting sexy sort of thing albeit with tough problems on the internet. And struggling with the hate mail.

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