Weekly Space Hangout – April 10, 2015: Orbital Docking with Dr. Stephen Granade

Host: Fraser Cain (@fcain)
Special Guest: Dr. Stephen Granade (@sargent)
Dave Dickinson (@astroguyz / www.astroguyz.com)
Charles Black (@charlesblack / sen.com/charles-black)

This Week’s Stories:

Blue Origin finishes engine work for suborbital spaceship
Design work begins on asteroid lander mission
CRS-6 and Hunting for Dragon in orbit
Was the past Weekend’s Lunar Eclipse Really total?
NASA Partners With Commercial Industry to Advance Deep Space Exploration Capabilities
Astronomers Wind Back Clock on Supernova Blast
New Explanation for Mercury’s Dark Surface
U.S. Air Force Envisions Sharing Space Surveillance Data with Scientists
ESA, Industry at Odds over Ariane 6 Funding Responsibilities
Drama as Dust “Stars” Confuse Comet Probe Rosetta
Eerie Green Space Clouds Glow in New Hubble Photos
New Technique Shines Light on Titan, Largest Moon of Saturn
Large Hadron Collider Restarts After Two-Year Rebuild
Native Hawaiians Arrested in Protests of Massive Telescope
#TWiM SpaceX Preparing for a Busy Season of Missions and Test Milestones
Update on Dawn Spacecraft at Ceres
NASA-Funded Program Will Use SPIDER Robots to Build a Home for Mankind in SPACE
Asteroid Sample Mission Begins Assembly and Testing
Astronomers Lock Horns Over Mystery Object G2
ALMA Sees Einstein Ring in Stunning Image of Lensed Galaxy
Secondary Payloads, New Partnerships Mark Progress Toward Deep Space Exploration
Diverse Destinations Considered for New Interplanetary Probe
Jeff Bezos’ Rocket Company to Begin Suborbital Test Flights This Year
A New View of the Moon’s Formation
Blue Origin BE-3 Hydrogen Engine Successfully Completes Acceptance Testing
NASA Favors Propulsive Mars Landings Over Supersonic Parachutes
Life’s Building Blocks Found in Young Star’s Disc
Watch the First Artificial Gravity Experiment
Citizen Scientists Discover Yellow Balls in Space
NASA Considering Options To Save Opportunity Rover
Still No New Heliophysics Director at NASA
Basic Ingredients for Life Found Around Distant Star
Our Sun Came Late to the Milky Way’s Star-Birth Party
Boeing’s CST-100 Spaceship Makes a Splash in Test Plunge
Student Rocket Launch 2015
First Successful Beam at Record Energy of 6.5 TeV
The Canadian Government Has Approved $243.5 Million for the Thirty Meter Telescope (TMT) Project
Online Messier Marathon Tomorrow (11-APR)! 1830 UTC

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  1. With due respect to Charles Black, the scariest environment imaginable to me in our solar system is the atmosphere of Venus. In his defense, the surface of a planetesimal/asteroid/comet will NOT be the location of choice for my next vacation, however. ^_^

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