Sadly, There won’t be a LEGO Hubble Space Telescope

This week the official LEGO review board announced their newest official LEGO model kits that were chosen from fan-suggested ideas, submitted through its LEGO Ideas website. While a Hubble Space Telescope kit seemed an obvious choice (this year is Hubble’s 25th anniversary), instead the review board chose a Pixar WALL-E robot set and a Doctor Who set.

“We reviewed eight amazing projects that reached 10,000 supporters between June and September,” said Signe Lonholdt from the LEGO Ideas team said in a video (below) announcing the winners. The eight sets had each reached 10,000 fan votes, which Lonholdt said is a “tremendous accomplishment,” but the final decision is up to the review board. The board considers factors such as “playability, safety and fit within the LEGO brand.”

The LEGO Hubble Space Telescope set was designed and submitted by fan Gabriel Russo, who said the kit would be “the perfect homage to its 25th anniversary in 2015.” According to Robert Pearlman at, it reached 10,000 votes last August. You can see the Hubble submission page here.

Other fan-submitted ideas that didn’t make the cut were three different Star Wars sets (an AT-AT, a Lightsaber set and an Invisible Hand set) along with a Ghostbusters HQ building.

Previous space-related fan-created/submitted kits that were chosen and produced by LEGO are models of Japan’s Hayabusa spacecraft and NASA’s Mars Curiosity rover.

You can see other submitted ideas and vote for them on the LEGO Ideas site.

Source: LEGO