Our Space Future Is Terrific And Terrifying, New Sci-Fi Short Says

This new space film called “Cinema Space Tribute” combines visions from several sci-fi franchises to show us what space exploration could look like. Will we gracefully explore the moons of Jupiter and far space? Or is it more a reality where we fear the death that lurks behind every action?

Max Shiskin pulls together an impressive list of franchises to show us some fictional versions of space exploration. Backdropped by the soundtrack for Interstellar, you see quick glimpses of ships from Star Trek and Battlestar: Galactica and Star Wars and many more. He even throws in some you might not think of right away, like Man of Steel and Transformers: Dark of the Moon.

There are some neat synergies between the franchises, including a seeming obsession with circles, that Shiskin also shows off in the video. It’s definitely worth four minutes of your time to watch.