Dramatic Timelapse of the Recent “Blood Moon” Eclipse

This timelapse of the lunar eclipse that took place April 15, 2014 will have you checking over your shoulder for aliens! Photographer Andrew Walker shot this footage at the Caltech’s CARMA Array (Combined Array for Research in Millimeter-wave Astronomy) in the Inyo Mountains of California. You can find out more about his impressive equipment details here, but the very fitting music you may be familiar with: it’s from the movie “2001: A Space Odyssey.”

Lunar Odyssey from Andrew Walker on Vimeo.

3 Replies to “Dramatic Timelapse of the Recent “Blood Moon” Eclipse”

  1. The music was used by Kubrick to great effect; it is from the Requiem by Gyorgy Ligeti. Heard it again in the trailers for Godzilla 2014. Always cranks up the goose-bump factor to about eleven.

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