Weekly Space Hangout – April 18, 2014: Another Earth, Dragon Launch, LADEE Impact

Host: Fraser Cain
Guests: Casey Dreier, Brian Koberlein, Jason Major, Sondy Springmann, David Dickinson

This week’s stories:

Jason Major (@JPMajor, LightsInTheDark.com):
First Habitable Earth-sized exoplanet found (finally!)

Casey Dreier (@exploreplanets, Planetary.org):
The End of Opportunity and LRO?
Current status of NASA funding

Brian Koberlein (@briankoberlein, briankoberlein.com):
How CERN’s Discovery of Exotic Particles May Affect Astrophysics
BICEP2 inflation results may be due to radio loops

David Dickinson (@astroguyz, www.astroguyz.com):
Views of the Lunar Eclipse
Lyrid Meteors

Sondy Springmann (@sondy):
SpaceX launch or LADEE impact?

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