Astronomy Cast Ep. 341: 45th Lunar and Planetary Science Conference

Article Updated: 28 Dec , 2015

Pamela has a day job, remember? As an astronomer? Recently the 45th Lunar and Planetary Science Conference occurred in the The Woodlands, Texas. Pamela and guest astronomer Sondy Springmann will let us know about the big announcements made at this year’s conference.?

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3 Responses

  1. Aqua4U says:

    Opening UT’s Ompage and I see a message in the video display box that says, “You 404’d it. Gnarly, dude.” and yet… I did not even click onnit to view the video. Whassup wit dat?

  2. Gerald says:

    I got the same “404” message. Looks like a pot hole on the information superhighway.

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