Bill Nye on Taking Astronomy with Carl Sagan

Article written: 21 Mar , 2014
Updated: 30 Dec , 2015

“This is how we know nature. It is the best idea humans have ever come up with.”
– Bill Nye, Science Guy and CEO of The Planetary Society

In this latest video from NOVA’s Secret Life of Scientists and Engineers, science guy Bill Nye talks about the incredible influence that Carl Sagan had on his life, from attending his lectures on astronomy at Cornell University to eventually becoming CEO of The Planetary Society, which was co-founded by Sagan in 1980.

“I took astronomy from Carl Sagan.” Now there’s a statement that’ll get people’s attention. (It got mine, anyway.)

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  1. Pvt.Pantzov says

    it doesn’t surprise me. both of them welcome(d), or perhaps not “welcome(d)”, but readily accept(ed) uncertainty, even with some rather well established theories. i admire and emulate that quality.

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