Weekly Space Hangout – March 7, 2014: Cosmos Premiere & NASA Budget

Host: Fraser Cain
Astrojournalists: David Dickinson, Matthew Francis, Casey Dreier, Jason Major, Brian Koberlein, Alan Boyle

This week’s stories:

Alan Boyle (@b0yle, cosmiclog.com ):
Cosmos premiere!

David Andrew Dickinson (@astroguyz):
Watch the Close Pass of NEO 2014 DX110
Daylight Saving time: A Spring Forward or a Step Back?
A Natural Planetary Defense Against Solar Storms

Matthew Francis (@DrMRFrancis, BowlerHatScience.org):
Using gravitational lensing to measure a spinning quasar
CosmoAcademy classes

Casey Dreier (Planetary.org):
The 2015 NASA Budget Request
NASA Kinda Embraces Exploring Europa

Jason Major (@JPMajor, LightsInTheDark.com):
That’s the way the asteroid crumbles

Brian Koberlein (@briankoberlein, briankoberlein.com):
*Possible* evidence for dark matter WIMPs
Black Holes exceed Eddington limit
Using quasars in a quantum experiment

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