The Eerie Music of Interstellar Space

Article written: 3 Nov , 2013
Updated: 30 Dec , 2015

While it’s true that there’s no air to carry sound in space, starship explosions would be strangely silent and no one can hear you scream, this latest Science @ NASA video reminds us that “space can make music, if you know how to listen.”

And the “how” in this case is with the Plasma Wave Science Experiment aboard the Voyager 1 spacecraft, which is now playing the sounds of interstellar space — with a little help from University of Iowa physics professor and experiment principal investigator Don Gurnett. Watch the video above for a front-row seat (and read more about Voyager’s historic crossing of the heliosphere here.)

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  1. dwdeclare says

    no explosion sounds in space doesn’t bring in the theater customers for sci-fi movies. people want to believe in fantasy, not things based in reality.

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