Weekly Space Hangout – September 27, 2013: Buran, Comet ISON, Water on Mars

Is it Friday already? Then it’s time for another Weekly Space Hangout. Join a team of dedicated space journalists to discuss the big space and astronomy news stories that broke this week. This time around, we discussed Amy Shira Teitel’s Buran article, ISON Watch 2013, and the re-re-discovery of water on Mars.

Host: Fraser Cain

Journalists: Amy Shira Teitel, David Dickinson, Jason Major, Dr. Nicole Gugliucci, and Scott Lewis.

And here are the stories we covered:

The Life and Death of Buran
Comet ISON Viewing Guide
Water on Mars
Split Personality Pulsar
Asteroid Was Actually Space Junk
Cat’s Paw Nebula in APEX
Spitzer for Exoplanets
Mindblowing Spaceship Chart

We record the Weekly Space Hangout every Friday at 12:00 pm Pacific / 3:00 pm Eastern, 2000 GMT. You can watch from here on Universe Today, or over on Google+ or YouTube.