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Check Out Some of the Best Space Writing on Google+: Brian Koberlein

Brian Koberlein is a professor at Rochester Institute of Technology. When he’s not teaching, though, he’s communicating science and education on Google+ of all places. Instead of doing a traditional blog, he’s posting article after article directly onto G+. He’s gathered a huge following on the social network, and a level of interaction that would make any blogger jealous.

Here’s an example of a post he did a couple of days ago on black hole thermodynamics.

And here’s one on detecting the atmospheres of extrasolar planets

Oh, Google+ now gives us the ability to embed posts onto our website, so I wanted to see what that looked like too. 🙂

Anyway, check out Brian’s writing, circle him on Google+, and watch his occasional appearances on the Weekly Space Hangout.

For anyone who’s considering a field as a science journalist, I highly recommend you follow in Brian’s footsteps. Don’t wait for someone to give you permission to write and communicate science. Just get writing. People will notice, and with a large enough readership and body of work, you can get a job anywhere.

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