Watch Live: Celebrating One Year on Mars with Curiosity

NASA and the Jet Propulsion Laboratory are hosting a live webcast on Tuesday, August 6 starting at 14:45 UTC (10:45 a.m. EDT) to celebrate the one year anniversary of the Curiosity rover landing on Mars. Update: We’ve now inserted the replay from NASA TV, and it’s a great recap of the excitement of landing and the discoveries of past year, and you’ll hear from all the major science and engineering names from the MSL mission.

You can ask questions for the team on Twitter and G+ during the broadcast, just use #AskNASA to pose your question.

Curiosity team members will share remembrances about the dramatic landing night and the overall mission. Immediately following that program, NASA will carry a live public event from NASA Headquarters in Washington. That event will feature NASA officials and crew members aboard the International Space Station as they observe the rover anniversary and discuss how its activities and other robotic projects are helping prepare for a human mission to Mars and an asteroid.

Also, below, is the replay of events held at NASA HQ to celebrate the anniversary:

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  1. It is shameful and gutless of USAmerica to pull off this technical triumph of pitiful science. UT should at least have the courage to critique the total avoidance of life-seeking tests aboard this sham of science. When you aim low, you cannot fail no matter how much you spend. My heart breaks for you USA. I look to the brits now, can you piggyback a Beagle on a Russian rocket? Where is Branson? Someone with some courage, while the champagne is foaming at NASA, please rise to the call. I can hear Carl rolling over…again!

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