MSL “SAM” Instrument Sings Happy Birthday to Curiosity Rover

Singing science instruments. What will they think of next? But actually, it’s more of a hum.

Find out more about SAM here.

2 Replies to “MSL “SAM” Instrument Sings Happy Birthday to Curiosity Rover”

  1. Great to see the bemused ingenuity that persists when some computer controlled device can “sing”. Way,,, way back in 1963 I worked with a Navy computer that had magnetic core memory whose vibrations also could be made to “sing” audibly in approximately the same manner, though the entire computational power of that ancient beast had to be brought to bear on the process. It was found to be possible when a memory stress test routine we used could be heard making the same sort of progressively rising series of tones. Thanks for the ‘memories’.

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