Podcast: Creating a Scienc-y Society

Our modern society depends on science. It impacts the way we eat, work, communicate and play. And yet, most people take our amazing scientific advancement for granted, and some are even hostile to it. What can we do to spread the love of science through education, outreach and media?

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“Creating a Scienc-y Society” on the Astronomy Cast website, with shownotes and transcript.

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One Reply to “Podcast: Creating a Scienc-y Society”

  1. Thank you for this very interesting pod cast! You guys provide some great insights into more than just astronomy. My wife Linda, just retired from teaching elementary school after 35 years. Under appreciated sounds about right? Underpaid for all the extra hours? Oh yeah… Too many details to get into here but needless to say, she worked long and hard to get her kids interested in science, math and the arts. Donno exactly what to make of the recent undermining of our education system, except to say… keeping people ignorant and making higher education unobtainable for many is a sad state of affairs. Talk about shooting oneself in the foot! Soon, only the wealthy will be able to get an education! That said…. ACK! Hey man, have you seen my country around here somewhere’s? It seems to have gone missing…. ~@; P

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