Podcast: Climate Change

When it comes to carbon dioxide, just a little goes a long way to warming the planet. Unfortunately, we’ve been dumping vast amounts into the atmosphere, recently passing 400 parts per million. Let’s look at the science of the greenhouse effect, and how it’s impacting our global climate.

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One Reply to “Podcast: Climate Change”

  1. Good review. I would add that giving up meat and animal products, in addition to the “amoral” benefits you’ve already mentioned, has a powerful health-promoting, disease fighting case to support it as well. Meat may not be murder but it most definitely IS suicide. How ironic that extreme animals-are-people types like PETA actually do more harm to their cause because the backlash they create masks the solid logic of changing our eating habits on a grand scale.

    Ref: Pritikin, Ornish, Macdougall, Esselstyn(s), Campbell and many others. Whole foods, Plant-based eating. Good for you, good for the planet.

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