Military Aurora Research Website Goes Dark As HAARP Facility Enters Contract Negotiations

A military program to investigate auroras in the north appears to have been suspended.

The High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP)’s website (dead link here) is not available right now, and there’s been some media speculation about the program’s future. So far, though, our attempts to learn more about the situation have turned up little information.

“Currently the site is abandoned. It comes down to money. We don’t have any,” said James Keeney, who reportedly manages the HAARP project at Kirtland Air Force Base, in a report published by the American Radio Relay League earlier this week.

When Universe Today reached out to Keeney, however, he declined comment. We also got in touch with the public affairs officials at Kirtland Air Force Base, who said no one was immediately available for an interview and provided this statement:

A screenshot of Google Earth, with ionosphere overlayed (Google)
A screenshot of Google Earth, with ionosphere overlayed (Google)

“HAARP is currently in contract negotiations and our policy is not to comment on current contract negotiations,” stated Marie M. Vanover, the director of Kirtland public affairs. “HAARP’s website is expected to be reopened and populated with the new and current information within 2-3 weeks.”

The program is jointly managed by the U.S. Air Force Research Laboratory and the U.S. Naval Research Laboratory to investigate activity in the ionosphere, the region of the Earth’s atmosphere where auroras occur. It includes an array of dozens of antennas that, media reports say, energize parts of the ionosphere.

HAARP is also the target of many conspiracy theories, ranging from warnings that it would trigger a change in the Earth’s magnetic poles to accusations that it is actually a weapon prototype. You can read more about the unproven allegations in this 2009 Wired article.

We’ll keep you posted on the facility’s status as we hear more.

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  1. we used to live in Alaska, had friends who worked at HAARP, and toured the facility a couple of times. Alaska is one of the few places where auroral research can be done, and HAARP will be sadly missed if it remains closed.

  2. Poor Haarp facility sending million watts of micro waves into the skiies, with satanic scientiists trying to spin hurricanes, change the weather. Along with all the under water TTA’s planted all over the earth, with low freq. ocean testing of the Navy. Killing all sealife, without no one knowing or stopping them. Pray this facility stays shut down, it is NOT for mankind, it is to kill MANKIND. GOD’s universe uses longetudial energy to do normal weather,, these freaks use micro waves that heats up the ocean the clouds, can fry dolphins, can spin hurricanes and tornadoes! SHUT IT DOWN FOR GOOD! Amen

    (TTA = Tesla Tech Arrays) not made by Tesla, he would never do this evil work.

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