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    1. lol…funny how the sun is not related as a star. Most people think only of the twinkling ones we see in the evening darken skies as stars. I am guilty too.

      1. Contempt?…lol. Even though I know what your saying. I said in reply to “fang” the word “sun” is use and not the word “star”. For hundreds and hundreds of years the human race has been referring to the “sun” as the sun and not a “star”. Get it now? In collage I was asked what is our closest star? The “sun” didn’t even enter my mind. Alpha Centauri I said…lol. That is what I was explaining. Thanks anyways for google.
        And YES, I knew the photons within the star-sun takes a great deal of time just to make their way out of the inner sun. My reply to “famg” had nothing to do with the knowledge of any star/sun.

      2. If you attended “College”, you should know it’s spelled College, not Collage. Just a minor nitpick ; )

      3. Nitpick. Are your female? In grade school kids know how. oops? Um. $hit happens? Kwik-pik or quick pick. Means the same. Have a large day cuz I know I usually do…lol… 😉

      4. No, I’m not female, plenty of male posters here use nitpick. And, when you misspell a common word like College, it does matter. IMHO, it show laziness.

      5. Willamina, ..come on. laziness? No, your female side of you is sticking up AGAIN! I knew people like you. Mistake is a mistake. Now go make supper for your hubby Willamina…lol…lol. Your turn! Isn’t science great! 😉 (you started this Willamina I will finish it)

      6. It’s not a mistake when I’ve seen you spell it the same way on numerous comments. Your sophomoric humor is getting old. What are you, a 13 year old girl with your repeated use of LOL? Science is great, and most scientists take attention to detail seriously, which you fail to grasp. I’m done here.

      7. Takes all kinds to make the world go around. People like you just slow it down. There are many in here like you. Egotistical and bossy and such “know it all’s” I wonder how you’d fair with me face to face and not behind your cowardly type. Colleges have a collage of subjects. In certain areas in Quebec where I went to school, we spell color as colour. Collage vs college is the same in many schools in Quebec. I made an english mistakes in here with collage vs college.

        And laziness? You do not know me you fool. How can a you say, – oh yeah -, how can I forget. Its the egotistical bossy ‘know-it-all Willamina in you. Take your egotistical ‘know-it-all’ bossy ways Willamina, and like a tiny insignificant sparrow, – fly away -.

      8. Gee, a little touchy are we? I’m not resorting to ridiculous personal attacks. Poking fun at someone’s name is the height of immaturity. I’ve seen you attack others here, this will be my last reply to you, you’re not worth the effort. And, I’m not flying away.

      9. A lil’touchy? Just went back at you! Mind your business with others spelling or humor. When attacked I attack back. You started this! Reread your stupidity. Its obvious you think your all that. Sorry, your BS won’t work. Whats the matter Willamina? Cannot take it? I fire back! Please spare me your psychological BS manipulating words. Its useless. You started it and I am ending it like I said I would. And again ‘Willamina the Sparrow’…fly away, …..”from me”. That is what I meant by fly away. I cannot nor would I stop anyone from being here or saying what they want, or their way of spelling.. Your last reply to me? I win! That is what I want!

      10. PS: Who nitpicked whom? Who called lol’s or :-)’s is a 13 year old girl and it is “getting too old”? Who said my spelling was not a English mistake. Quebec spells color or colour” or “collage or college”. You even used smiley face ;-)? Your busted. I attack when attacked. You’ve seen me attack others? If you can dicern correctly.

      11. Collage is the correct spelling. I say poe-tay-toe you say po-ta-toe…lmao. Bye Willamina Sparrow. This can be fun. Your turn.

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