Watch Live: Emergency ISS Spacewalk to Fix Coolant Leak

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Astronauts on the International Space Station doing an unplanned “emergency” spacewalk to fix an ammonia coolant leak outside the station. On Thursday, the ISS crew spotted small white flakes floating away from an area of the Station’s P6 truss structure, and noticed pressure drops in the control panel of the pump and flow control system for the power-supplying solar arrays. The ammonia coolant is vital to keeping the power control systems working and needs to be fixed. At this point the crew is not in any danger, but the leak does need to be fixed soon.

You can watch live in the window above. As of this writing, NASA astronauts Tom Marshburn and Chris Cassidy are just getting ready to head out the airlock, and plans call for them to spend more than six hours outside the station to find and hopefully repair the ammonia coolant leak.

Read our previous article here to find out more information about the leak.

This is the 168th spacewalk for maintenance and construction of the ISS.

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