Stonehenge Was An Ancient Burial Ground For the Rich: Study

The site of Stonehenge — that mysterious collection of British rocks that could have served as a calendar using the stars — was also a graveyard for the elite, according to new research.

A British group led by the University College London looked at 63 bodies surrounding the historical site. They determined these people were part of a group of elite families that brought their relatives to Stonehenge for burial over more than 200 years, starting from 2,900 BC.

The bodies were buried long before the rocks visible today were erected, though.

“The first Stonehenge began its life as a huge graveyard,” stated UCL’s Parker Pearson, who led the study. “The original monument was a large circular enclosure built 500 years before the Stonehenge we know today, with the remains of many of the cremated bodies originally marked by the bluestones of Stonehenge. We have also discovered that the second Stonehenge was built 200 years earlier than thought, around 2500 BC.”

The findings were broadcast on Britain’s Channel 4 in March.

A separate study, that will be broadcast on BBC 4 Monday (April 29), shows that humans were in the area of Stonehenge about 3,000 years before it was constructed — making human occupancy about 5,000 years than previously thought.

According to media reports, a team from the United Kingdom’s Open University spotted evidence of human activity about a mile from Stonehenge, in nearby Amesbury.

Archaeologists found an extinct species of cow, called a wild auroch, on the site as well, supposing that it was some sort of migration route that attracted human hunters.

Source: University College London

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    1. I was there on 24 April. I heard many booms even as far as Woodhenge and Old Sarum suggesting that they were taking scientific ground measurements.

  1. Never been to England. I hope to someday as well as Israel & etc’s.. . There is just more history/activity than just a burial-ground at Stonehenge. That is just a one side history of Stonehenge. Like a octagon. There are ‘other-sides’ of Stonehenge w/other people(s) in other era’s. Stonehenge took centuries to fully be completed & had different meanings in those different era’s etc.. . It is also said to be connected to the USA via Salem, NH..The Mayans of Mex/Cent. Am. were in the southern parts of our US from approx. New Mex across to Georgia. Most of the scientific history community goes by Chris C.. It is all a European thing. I can appreciate that. The educated ones act as if the ancient people(s) didn’t have any legs or know how to build boats etc.. . The Nors’man were in Nova Scotia before Chris C left for the “New World” etc.. .

    The human history of their travels is so difficult to fully grasp in there full factual capacities. Open minds. PEACE!

    1. The time frames are different. I live a couple of hours drive from Chaco Canyon, This is a henge-like system built from 800CE to 1200CE by the Anasazi culture. The current descendants of the Anasazi are the Hopi and Pueblo peoples. This was built long after the ancient stone age Britons abandoned Stonehenge. Chaco Canyon is also far more complex, with sun daggers to catch the sun at the solstices and equinoxes, and the D-shaped building such as Chetro-Ketl have flat faces parallel to the sun at different seasons. There are also intricately carved stone to track the moon through its 11 year cycle.


      1. Agreed, …the era’s or time frames sure are different. I almost went into Archeology after 15 yrs of CME’s R&D/QC w/Sats/Sat Coms etc.. Ole Man Sol got my full attention instead. I have done quite a bit of research w/Stonehenge like ancient areas. From w/in Turkey to Ankor Wat to the Nazca-Lines & places I never knew existed, I have studied. Other than space/universe, pre’ancient people & structures compel my interest to no end. I ask you this. Do you believe Chaco Canyon was built before the Aniasazi? Or it was started by another people then realized it was a foolish move to build there. Then the Anasazi stumbled on it & just stayed & continued the build it their way?. Why on God good earth would they(any people/culture)build in such a forsaken place for? My Lord, ..its awful. Very little to no trees at all. Water was an issue. Even the Nasca Line area is more or less. Then the Ancient Alien question comes into play. What is a man to think?…lol.

        The fact mostly all areas of pre or ancient areas were abandoned. On the Isles of Crete & Malta there is evidence of pre’ancient developments. Funny how the chicken & the egg comes into play w/human development. The truth is out there in plain site. I hope science can find the “correct factual answers”. Between the two disciplines, they are so damn fascinating to me. ..take care IC.

      2. I stick to the archaeology on this matter. The deserts in New Mexico were different back then. Prior to the Spaniards and overgrazing by cattle and sheep the land was more chaparral grassland. In 800 the Chaco Canyon region was lightly forested actually, and there is an intermittent river (Wadi or arroyo) that was probably fairly continuous back then. The region became more arid and then with overgrazing after the western contact the area became more of the desert it now is.

        I don’t entertain ancient astronaut stuff, any more than I do UFO stuff,


      3. One last thing. Why is your mind shut? Why? Cannot fathom the possibilities? Other than starting another war in here over the realities of what you disbelieve. At least you believe in the possibilities of ‘nothingness’ of the possibilities. Why do you only look at facts you can only see & touch? That is tooooo easy buddy! Death ever enter your mind about consciousness beyond physical death? No there too? Hmm, ..tough to be you. So another words all those many, many, many fine people(know quite a few)who saw &, experienced things you have yet to experience. You’ll just ignore them & the subject matter & say they are seeing things? No, you will not get an argument from me. Far from it. Just checking where you stand. To me your on very shaky ground. But that’s me. Nothing personal IC. I hope some day IC will C & experience those things you say are not so. Then what IC? ..take care buddy.

      4. The only people I know that tells people to open your mind are the people that have lack of scientific data and need to manipulate you into believing their made up stuff.

        Stonehenge is not that mystical or magical, it is just a heap of stones. When you stand next to it, then there is no doubt that humans could set this up.

        If you want to weed out the historical quackery claims then this is a good start

      5. LOL..1st of all. Where did you see me type Stonehenge is mystical? NO WHERE! I said, & I will repeat myself so you can READ correctly to interpret. “Stonehenge is more than a burial site. – Different era’s had different uses etc..”. PERIOD!. Did you see me say anything else? NO! I was asking questions. Seeing if whomever has an ‘open mind” in other disciplines/subjects/areas/etc..of other possible realities. Apparently you do not!!! So what, you found a site that says ” bad archaeology”. I can find sites that says UFO landing up river on “Boggy Creek”. Does it mean it is NOT true? Yes, maybe it is a lie. But I do NOT go around saying its swamp gas or they ate something wrong. NO! That is my whole point is exploring things that seems so absurd! That is an “OPEN MIND”…period! Where you there? Was i? NO! I died once. Have you??! Are you going to tell me it is chem’s of the brain? What I saw was freaky & so peaceful. And NO, has absolutely nothing to do w/chems of the brain. Trust me on that!

        I remember Erich Von Daniken saying all he was doing was mainly asking question(s). He used over 270+ times these===>”?”. Critics acted like he was there & saw, experienced those things. NO! He was asking mainly this===>”?”. Is it possible other realities exist? I say YES! Who am I to tell people who actually have seen things from police, firemen, lawyers & good wholesome people etc’s.. they are wrong & saw nothing? Their eyes were playing tricks on them. NOT ME! Open your mind Olaf2 & explore the impossible. It just might be true. Stop the doubts w/out checking it out 1st. …..take care.

      6. This is a scientific related site. It follows scientific evidence not woowoo.

        “Open you mind” is the hallmark of people that made shit up because they lack any credible scientific facts just wild imaginations.

      7. Wow are you so predictable! Don’t change the subject(s). Answer the questions I asked you. I answered you! Whats the matter? Stuck are you? You sure are. Again, ..where did you see me say Stonehenge is/was/will be mystical? Well, where? Come on man, where? Answer me! Wow are you a cop out. So death/NEO’s are peoples wild imagination also? UFO’s w/vids too? Police, lawyers & millions make stuff up? It is you who is “mind deaf, mind dumb, & mind blind”. Your also very arrogant to the max. Here click on this===> I know 2 of the archaeologists personally who are there now digging in Jerusalem, Israel looking for biblical facts. Oh, the bible is fake? There is no God/Creator? Will that be your forte? Lets see if you’ll have the nutts to answer that. They have factually found pure evidence! I never said the your site was NOT scientific. Where did you read I sad that? Again, can you read!? Also I said, “big deal”, there are other sites. Meaning there are other sites that are/is scientific but NOT in your stagnant mind. Your so predictable w/your ‘no way’ attitude. People like you are so stuck on yourselves its so pathetic.

        I am tried of defending what I said or did not say. Either comprehend correctly & answer what is asked of you. Or stay away from these sites. You never really fully answered 1 question I have asked you. Well, why not? Stuck? That’s obvious. Answer this. Again, death w/NEO’s are not scientific?? If you have NOT been there & done that & are not willing to objectively look at & disguss “OTHER” scientific disciplines/subjects. Then either PIPE UP or embrace debate & answer what is asked. Who are you to say the unknown is not scientific? Thats laughable. ..take care always Olaf2, ..ME

      8. The possibility of other unknown(weird or other wise)science(s) can effect the scientific mainstream. Drunk? How intelligent was your question? Awful dumb. Again, not one answer answered. lmao@U …take care.Olaf2.

      9. S.E.T.I. Ring any bells? At least they are trying. Another approach is needed in/through the fabric of space-time. A student of – ME

      10. “Either comprehend correctly & answer what is asked of you. Or stay away from these sites.

        Either comprehend that this is not the site for your personal speculations (rants), or stay away.

      11. Again, so predictable. My personal speculation? No. That is your opinion. And a opinion is like a heart(being polite here)we all got one. I am sick & tired of dumb replies w/no open minded replies at all.
        What is S.E.T.I.? A figment of your imagination? By the way. What does S.E.T.I. MEAN?! Dah? Searcg for WHAT? Huh? For what? At least they are trying. To many they need R&D in optics & in a dimensional light. That’s from good wholesome scientists that have open minds. They do NOT just work on things they can eat, touch, smell, see, make or probe. They have OPEN MINDS & know the worth of trying to get a clue on these freaky things that professional & non-pro people have experienced. Your minds are stale rotting away from doing nothing only what you can touch-probe & etc’s.. ….take care.

      12. Please, just go away. I’m certain your time would be better spent at the myriad crackpot sites that exist online. At least then you’d find a willing audience.

      13. Please go away? Polite like myself. Well, so much for open-minds. A sparrow is a lil’birdie just 10 to 20% larger than a hummingbird. “please” go fly away, there’s a hawk waiting just for you. …take care.

      14. They are all made up? Wild imaginations? Woo-woo? Your unreal. Say that to the faces whom have experienced those unknowns. I doubt you courage. If you’ll say what you have typed, your a coward. Go ahead, say it to their faces.

        Go and look at the 5% that are unsolved. Go ahead. I know You won’t. Your so predictable and cowardly. The true scientists who are set financially, have found some evidence. Maybe not to the degree you want, but never the less, it is evidence.

      15. Yes see, a lot of talk because you have lack of real scientific evidences and you are trying to hide the fact that you have no real scientific evidences by calling names and play with words.

      16. How can it be real science when people like you shell it for what is isn’t. Fake. Some are,. I agree. Crystal Skulls make those 5%ers look bad. Look at the 5%ers honestly. I don’t know DP but at least he has my respect. …take care.

      17. Making up stuff of the unknown? “ME” is correct. There is much more to what your blind mind is ignoring. Is there other than earth, sky and moon to you? The people who claim these realities do not get a penny. They do not want the publicity at all. They do not claim to prove anything. On the contrary. Most do not want to be filmed. Imagine if you were in that position? Well?

      18. Your quite tricky and smart to keep chatting the way you do. I have read most of your posts. Prolong the subject. These so called scientists in here have their heads stuck in the sand. Obvious observation. Like you, I could careless what reputation follows me or the money either. Until those scientists that have experienced those unknowns. They will put their claims and findings in many scientific papers. Then you can pounce on these so called scientists with vim and vigor. Why they disclaim others who have experienced those unknown subjects are so pig headed.

      19. I didn’t mean to start any disorder. I can see your dislike towards those who call names & are so closed minded. I believe your new here. Once ‘they’ can get it through their heads checking into the (unaware) unknown can actually help science. A huge part is, if they get found out they are looking into the science of the unknown other than what they can prove. They’ll get ostracized or worse, ..fired. ..take care DP. Nice to know there is someone w/respect.

      20. Well, I said my piece. I will no longer be here but for a sneak look here and there. I just happened to come across UT-‘disqus’. They are one way, their way. To suggest another topic other than what the ‘normal sciences’ dictate the rule of thumb. They are robots. You also ‘take care’ after posting. You say that to everyone no matter if they disrespect you or not. A caring man for sure. Wisdom is with age. Your wisdom is deep. It was a pleasure backing you. Someday when the facts are in. All will be revealed.

      21. Hope your lab continues too prosper. I now do sub contact work in 4 states w/& for Sats/Sat-Coms w/R&D & QC. For the last 10 yrs. work has been plentiful. I am taking way less work now. By April 30th, 2014 I will retire. I will pursue those 5%.
        You are so correct. Technology is catching up. Slowly I admit. But never the less, the technology is catching up. Thanks for your support & take care always, “ME”.

      22. You do not at least give others whom experiences the unknowns the benefit of doubt? Even to those who you would call reputable professional people? The Crystals Skulls were debunked. That is a fact. New Age’rs blew that subject sky high. It was obvious it didn’t add up with the persons who discovered them or backed them. Publicity and money were the motive.

        Those who actually have seen and experienced the unknowns do not receive a dime. In fact they do not want the publicity at all. What posses you to call them fibbers in so many words? The people who claim these fascinating claims do not claim to prove them. On the contrary. They just explain what they experienced. They are confused and their inner being have been violated. Many high profiled scientists have experienced those unknowns. Their jobs are on the line like airline pilots and many others. I can understand their stances with their jobs for their families. People in high positions who hire and fire are the culprits. What are they hiding and from? And from whom? Stop the disrespect to those who have experienced those unknowns.. “ME” is correct in many ways..

      23. Most of what you write here is terribly confused. Look, this is an astronomy website, this has to do with science and not goofy ideas about ancient astronauts or other mundane quasi-intellectual rubbish.


      24. It was said corectly. Your just a coward. And goofy? 40% are goofy, I agree. then there is the 45% whom are misidentified. But ths 5% are real and unexplained(yet). I respect astronomy. I have my own lab with 20 employees with subcontractors too boot. Am I disrespecting the unknowns? No. You are. Oh yes. When they do find a connection(they will). What is your sorry attitude going to say then? Who’s goofy then?

      25. For some 40%, I agree. 45% is misidentified. That is why the disrespect from you. Weirdo’s are many. It is the 5% that is and are so key to look into. Apparently your classless and disrespectful to the 5%. Afraid of loosing the respect of the cowards in here? Or being ostracized? Fired?The proof is not too far away. Technology is catching up.

    1. Agreed. And it was much more deeper in other areas over a long period of time. ..take care.

  2. Hm. There is only one grave below Stonehenge. A big box called Pandorica, enclosing The Doctor.

    Oh, come on. It had to be said. 😉

  3. It’s a calendar, tells you when to plant crops and prepare for winter etc. Such a function would have been very important, mystical to the average person, hence the veneration and social locus. Admire the intellect of those who watched the skies and worked it all out plus the social organisation that made the project happen, I reckon they milked the mystic bit for that. I occasionally drive past and for once it’s nice to be caught in the traffic.

  4. Stonehenge was built by the Celts as a sabbatical calendar. They used the solar and lunar alignments to confirm they were on track with their calendar throughout the year. It all ties in with Biblical scripture. The secret lies with the Aubury holes around the outside, each measuring one year of a seven year sabbatical period. At the 50th year, or Jubliee year, all debts were wiped clean and property returned to original owners. Thus the cycle began again. It’s an amazing place.

    1. But the Celts did not arise in Austria until what were they doing back in 2500BC…oh I know…it’s the doctor again!

      1. The true Celts were Israelites by another name. The word British is not english. It is Hebrew. Brit means covenant in Hebrew and Ish means people of God in Hebrew. Therefore British means “Covenant people of God”. This is real history and goes back to the time of Moses and the book of Exodus when the sabbath was instructed to be observed. The celts travelled to Britain among other places.
        It’s an amazing discovery.

      2. There is some truth to what you have said. The ’10 lost tribes of Israel’ each went some wheres. I read in a archaeology summery where the human-genome connected w/the Jewish nation way back when has a real connection to the English. ..take care.

    1. Damn, ..I was counting on a humanoid family all w/just 1 almond shaped eye each. His name of Pandemonium-X. His wife is so f-ugly. Her name is Pandauglyum-Y. And don’t ask about their kids….. 🙂

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