Barf Bags in Space

No bodily function is off-limits for Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield. In this video, he explains that in space, you need REALLY good barf bags.

Of course, Hadfield previously gave the best description ever of how to go to the bathroom in space.

2 Replies to “Barf Bags in Space”

  1. Funny how the average person does not think of all the bodily functions needing attention. It is just not given much thought. As a youth to my later teens I was no different. Then when I did. I was trying to conceive the ‘hows’. I had a very vivid imagination…lol. When woman started to go in space. I just quit thinking. That was a wake-up moment. ;-)… .

  2. On bodily functions not thought of and that Chris will certainly not be mentioning, I’m going to assume the subject of male ejaculate is handled with a condom. NASA is pretty well on the record of not wanting to talk about stuff like this – that’s the best idea I have.

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