Defiance: What Happens After Aliens Arrive

Wreckage, war and wrath are often the only results we see after aliens invade Earth, at least if you believe science fiction classics such as War of the Worlds. The new SyFy show Defiance, though, shows something a bit different: humans and aliens (Votans) trying to live side by side after the war.

Warning: minor spoilers ahead …

Now, this is no District 9. In 2046, the Votans roam around about as freely as the humans, although there’s a bit of ugly backstory that includes fighting and an uneasy truce. And no, this isn’t like Star Trek or Star Wars: the Votans and humans don’t work all that well together, at least not yet. Perhaps it’s too early in their history to think about it.

The show debuted on SyFy this month. Starring is Grant Bowler, previously of True Blood and Ugly Betty, as well as Dexter‘s Julie Benz.

“Nolan is an extreme pragmatist. He’s gone from war hero to scavenger and back again. He’s kind of the blunt instrument, if you like,” said Bowler of his human character in an NBC interview. Making things more interesting, Nolan has an alien adopted daughter and yes, they do actually get along (as well as most families do, anyway.)

When you have an hour on your hands, this one-hour discussion below about the show is well worth the watch. Don’t miss the part where Bowler talks about the challenge of working with “green screens”, which are essentially blank areas on set that are later filled with computer-generated graphics. Kind of disconcerting for an actor used to working on pre-arranged sets.

What other TV shows or movies featuring aliens can you recall that shows them living with humans after they get to Earth? Share them in the comments.


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  1. I really enjoyed the pilot, definitely has potential. looking forward to learning more about the races of the Votan.

  2. Very good Liz!!! Look at the “possible”. I believe it is dimensional though/threw the fabric of space-time being manipulated. Some say yes, some say no. When technology catches up w/the unknown actions. The “possibilities”. are endless. Hopefully the establishment will approach this scientifically w/out prejudice or looked at negatively. …take care.

  3. OOOh. Judging by the pictures, what happens after aliens arrive is that attractive looking people have relationships, conflicts, and occasional moment of humor precipitated by the comic-relief character on the far right of the top picture.

    Just trying to answer the question here.

  4. I watched it, and I must say… as long as SyFy will stick with it and not drop it once it starts to get traction… Farscape, Caprica, The Invisible Man, Flash Gordon, to name a few… This show looks to be smart and has a real potential to be a crowd pleaser. The fact there is little to no true SciFi on television, it is not surprising that there is such a low interest in the sciences and an extinction of true visionaries and technological innovators.
    Sorry, I’ll get off my soapbox now.

  5. When aliens arrive they will be overcome by gravity and would be in need of medical assistance. Their best chance would be to gain our support. Not that we should trust them immediately. We should ascertain their capabilities and react accordingly. I did not watch the entire video but may now that I have cancelled my overpriced “provider”.

  6. I watched the “making of” show, and they really hyped how the aliens aren’t just humans in rubber masks…they’re aliens with alien practices that make them truly unique! Alas, at least based on the first episode, the aliens are no more different than other human cultures. There are more differences between the cultures in Lord of the Rings and Game of Thrones! Why is it so hard to make truly alien characters? And while I understand the logistical difficulty of making aliens look truly alien…do they ALL have to have four limbs, two eyes, two nostrils and a mouth full of human-like teeth? They even move and speak just like humans! Couldn’t they have at least had one species with, say, jerky bird-like motions, or maybe unnaturally flowing movements? They would cost nothing to employ! At least give us SOME justification for why all the aliens look and act like humans in rubber masks….

    And don’t get me started on using submachine guns from our era to easily kill planet-destroying aliens that possess advanced technology and that are at least a couple hundred meters away!

    That being said, I’m still watching the show…but I reserve the right to bitch when hype can’t deliver on the promise….

  7. I watched it and like most of the messages here I believe it has potential, nice CGI effects in places but also some truly horrific scenes, some of which I think I could have made in a day with a bottle of vodka. (the car chase scene comes to mind)

    In the first episode I could’t stop thinking of “Well that escalated quickly” meme, more time should be focused on character development, lifestyles of the aliens etc.

    It is made by one of the directors of Battlestar Galatica, has a healthy cast and the potential to be promising. but PLEASE don’t include tacky budget scenes which distract you from the quality scenes which do take place.

    Fingers crossed on this one

    1. I agree. Some meanings were rushed. It is a TV show & not a thorough thought through “Hollywood” mega $ movie. But I accepted it. …take care.

  8. One of my favorite movies featuring extraterrestrial aliens ‘living amongst us’ is the romantic comedy, What Planet Are You From?, starring Garry Shandling, Annette Bening, John Goodman, Linda Fiorentino, et al. Garry Shandling plays an alien from a planet of all men who plot a ‘takeover from the inside’ of Earth. He comes to Earth to find an Earth woman to mate with (Annette Bening)—so as to create a hybrid species (who, presumably, would be taking over the Earth by stealth (on the model of a corporate takeover). However, in the process, he has to learn how women think and behave. It is a novel framing of how women ‘civilize’ men

    I personally love the film (and own it on DVD). Sadly, it flopped at the box office

    It is technically sci-fi, but it is mostly a romance. {Yes, they fall in love :-}

    John Goodman does a wonderful job of playing an FAA Investigator (who, as a sub-plot unfolds, does eventually figure out what’s going on—but losing his job in the process)

    If you think you might enjoy a romantic comedy on an age-old theme—but with a quirky sci-fi twist, you might give it a try. I think it’s a wonderful flick 🙂

    {No, no one paid me to say this. I just really like it a lot.}

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