AstroVideo: The Stars Over Teotihuacan, City of Gods

The ancient city of Teotihuacan, located about 48 kilometers (30 miles) from Mexico City, is the site of several pyramids built in the period 100 BC to 250 AD. The name means “the place where men become gods.” Astrophotographer César Cantú captured this beautiful view of the stars over the pyramids. Enjoy the ancient landscape and even older starlight!

3 Replies to “AstroVideo: The Stars Over Teotihuacan, City of Gods”

  1. What constellation is in the background? I don’t have any sense of scale or brightness on the stars and can’t work out what they are.

    1. The asterism of the Big Dipper can be seen (standing on its handle) just to the right of center in the picture. Polaris and (fainter) Kochab in Ursa Minor appear to the left of the Big Dipper (use the Dipper’s pointer stars to find Polaris).

      1. Good eyes & job Jon! I was a bit like Ciru. I just couldn’t point my eyes on the constellation. I am no brainiac w/constellation(s) w/out having at least 75% of them visible. Again, good job.

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