Carnival of Space #294

This week’s Carnival of Space is hosted by our pal Ray Sanders at his Dear Astronomer website!

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4 Replies to “Carnival of Space #294”

  1. The article linked by “Next Big Future” about fusion rocket propulsion as proposed by Prof. John Slough is, simply put, mind blowing! Direct conversion fusion propulsion is after the fact, a method for achieving extremely high impulse rocket motors. The interview, while somewhat elusive technically speaking, shows that there ARE people out there thinking about using ‘cool’ fusion for rocketry. He proposes to reduce plasma temperatures via magnetic field confinement and by using a compressed propellent to create fusion temperature plasmas…. with the heat generated to be carried away as part of the exhaust. IF this could be achieved, it certainly would open doors! Mars in 90 days sounds good… too good to be true? Time will tell….

    1. Actually the 90 days is the conservative estimate. They also made a mission profile that does Mars in a mere 30 days. Now that would open the exploration of the solar system!

      1. Yes! Fusion power DOES fit in the future of rocket power. Come on NASA, get a clue!

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