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Observing Challenge: 6 White Dwarf Stars to See in Your Backyard Telescope

by David Dickinson July 18, 2014

Looking for something off beat to observe? Some examples of curious astronomical objects lie within the reach of the dedicated amateur armed with a moderate-sized backyard telescope. With a little skill and persistence, you just might be able to track down a white dwarf star.  David Dickinson on Google+

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An Earth-size Diamond in the Sky: The Coolest Known White Dwarf Detected

by Shannon Hall June 23, 2014

We live in a vast, dark Universe, which makes the smallest and coolest objects extremely difficult to detect, save for a stroke of luck. Often times this luck comes in the form of a companion. Take, for example, the first exoplanet detected due to its orbit around a pulsar — a rapidly spinning neutron star. […]

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‘Cosmic Zombie’ Star Triggered This Explosion In Nearby Galaxy

by Elizabeth Howell June 5, 2014

It might be a bad idea to get close to dead stars. Like a White Walker from Game of Thrones, this “cosmic zombie” white dwarf star was dangerous even though it was just a corpse of a star like our own. The result from this violence is still visible in the Spitzer Space Telescope picture you see above. […]

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Possible Nova Pops in Cygnus

by Bob King April 1, 2014

A newly-discovered star of magnitude +10.9 has flared to life in the constellation Cygnus the Swan. Koichi Nishiyama and Fujio Kabashima, both of Japan, made their discovery yesterday March 31 with a 105mm f/4 camera lens and electronic camera. They quickly confirmed the observation with additional photos taken with a 0.40-m (16-inch) reflector. Nothing was seen down to […]

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Rocky Alien Planet Leftovers ‘Polluted’ White Dwarf Stars With Metal

by Elizabeth Howell March 26, 2014

What’s with all the metals in the atmosphere of white dwarfs, those things that are corpses of stars like our own Sun? While before scientists had theories about levitating star layers that “polluted” the white dwarfs, new research shows it’s more likely due to rocky material. More specifically, material left over from planet formation. Elizabeth […]

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