Echoes of Chelyabinsk: Another Fireball Explodes Over Russia

by Jason Major April 19, 2014

Want to stay on top of all the space news? Follow @universetoday on Twitter Why does Russia seem to get so many bright meteors? Well at 6.6 million square miles it’s by far the largest country in the world plus, with dashboard-mounted cameras being so commonplace (partly to help combat insurance fraud) statistically it just makes […]

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Bill Nye on Taking Astronomy with Carl Sagan

by Jason Major March 21, 2014

“This is how we know nature. It is the best idea humans have ever come up with.” – Bill Nye, Science Guy and CEO of The Planetary Society In this latest video from NOVA’s Secret Life of Scientists and Engineers, science guy Bill Nye talks about the incredible influence that Carl Sagan had on his […]

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Morpheus Flies Higher and Farther Than Ever

by Jason Major March 11, 2014

) NASA’s Project Morpheus nailed it again today with yet another successful free flight of their prototype lander, soaring higher, faster, and farther than ever before! Go Morpheus! Remove this ad Jason Major on Google+

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Playing Marbles With The Planets

by Jason Major February 26, 2014

We’ve all seen charts showing the relative sizes of planets and moons compared to each other, which are cool to look at but don’t really give a sense of the comparative masses of the various worlds in our Solar System. It’s one thing to say the Earth is four times larger than the Moon, it’s […]

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Watch Saturn Slip Behind the Moon

by Jason Major February 24, 2014

Or, more accurately, watch the Moon pass in front of Saturn. Either way you get the same result: a beautiful video of planetary motion in action! On the morning of Saturday, Feb. 22, the Moon drifted in front of the planet Saturn from the point of view of certain locations on Earth. Luckily one of […]

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