Busy Spaceport: There are Now Five Spaceships Parked at the Space Station

by Nancy Atkinson September 26, 2014

Mars isn’t the only place in the Solar System that was busy this week with arriving spacecraft. While NASA’s MAVEN and ISRO’s MOM arrived in orbit around the Red Planet, the International Space Station also welcomed two arriving spacecraft, bringing the total of docked ships at the ISS to five. Nancy Atkinson on Google+

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Astronaut Snaps Amazing Picture Of His Crewmates Returning To Earth

by Elizabeth Howell September 11, 2014

Wow! See that bright streak in the photo above? That’s a shot of the Expedition 40 crew making a flawless return from the International Space Station yesterday (Sept. 10) … a shot taken from space itself. “Our view of the picture perfect reentry of TMA-12M,” wrote Expedition 41 astronaut Reid Wiseman, who just hours before […]

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Rocket ‘Anomaly’ Blamed For Putting European Navigation Satellites Into Wrong Orbits

by Elizabeth Howell August 26, 2014

An independent investigation committee is looking at why two European navigation satellites are in the wrong orbits following their launch from French Guiana last week. While the first part of the launch went well, officials said telemetry from the satellites showed that the satellites were not where they were supposed to be. The probe is […]

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Spectacular Southern Lights, Shooting Stars, Sahara Snapshots and more from ESA’s Alexander Gerst aboard ISS

by Ken Kremer July 6, 2014

Spectacular snapshots of the Southern Lights, Shooting Stars, the Sahara Desert and much more are streaming back from space to Earth courtesy of Alexander Gerst, ESA’s German astronaut currently serving aboard the International Space Station (ISS). See a gallery of Alex’s stunning space-based views (sagenhafte Weltraum bilder) collected herein – starting with the auroral fireworks […]

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U.S. Should Send Astronauts To Space Station By Trampoline: Russian Official

by Elizabeth Howell April 29, 2014

Facing sanctions from the United States government, a high-ranking Russian official took to Twitter today (April 29) to express his frustration, warning that NASA has few options should Soyuz flights to the International Space Station cease. “After analyzing the sanctions against our space industry, I suggest to the USA to bring their astronauts to the International […]

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