Which Planets Have Rings?

by Fraser Cain June 19, 2014

You think only Saturn has rings? Well, think again. Rings are actually extremely common in our Solar System – they’re all over the place. So which planets – and other objects – sport rings? Fraser Cain on Google+

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Surprise! Asteroid Hosts A Two-Ring Circus Above Its Surface

by Elizabeth Howell March 26, 2014

Rings are a tough phenomenon to spot. As late as 1977, astronomers thought that the only thing in the solar system with rings was the planet Saturn. Now, we can add the first asteroid to the list of ringed bodies nearby us. The asteroid 10199 Chariklo hosts two rings, perhaps due to a collision that caused a […]

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The Day the Earth Smiled: Saturn Shines in this Amazing Image from the Cassini Team

by Jason Major November 12, 2013

This summer, for the first time ever, the world was informed that its picture was going to be taken from nearly a billion miles away as the Cassini spacecraft captured images of Saturn in eclipse on July 19. On that day we were asked to take a moment and smile and wave at Saturn, from wherever […]

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A “Mini Jet” Juts from Saturn’s F Ring

by Jason Major September 17, 2013

We all know that Saturn’s moon Enceladus has a whole arsenal of geysers jetting a constant spray of ice out into orbit (and if you didn’t know, learn about it here) but Enceladus isn’t the only place in the Saturnian system where jets can be found — there are some miniature versions hiding out in […]

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Saturn’s Little Wavemaking Moon

by Jason Major April 25, 2013

Captured on January 15, this narrow-angle Cassini image shows an outer portion of Saturn’s A ring on the left and the ropy F ring crossing on the right. The thin black line near the A ring’s bright edge is the Keeler Gap, a 22-mile-wide space cleared by the passage of Daphnis, a shepherd moon barely […]

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