Astrophoto: Capturing Pluto with a Spoon

by Nancy Atkinson July 8, 2014

Want to stay on top of all the space news? Follow @universetoday on Twitter Last week, we encouraged those of you with a decent sized backyard telescope (and a little patience) to try and spot tiny dwarf planet Pluto, which was at opposition over this past weekend. One of our favorite astrophotographers, John Chumack, did […]

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New Horizons Wakes Up for the Summer

by Jason Major June 16, 2014

While many kids in the U.S. are starting their school summer vacations, New Horizons is about to get back to work! Speeding along on its way to Pluto the spacecraft has just woken up from hibernation, a nap it began five months (and 100 million miles) ago. The next time New Horizons awakens from hibernation in December, it will be beginning […]

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Trailer: New Horizons Gets Ready to Meet Pluto

by Nancy Atkinson January 27, 2014

Less than a year from now, the New Horizons spacecraft will begin its encounter with Pluto. While closest approach is scheduled for July 2015, the Long Range Reconnaissance Imager or “LORRI” will begin snapping photos of the Pluto system six months earlier. This first mission to Pluto has been a long time coming, and this […]

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What Is The Kuiper Belt?

by Fraser Cain December 30, 2013

Dr. Mike Brown is a professor of planetary astronomy at Caltech. He’s best known as the man who killed Pluto, thanks to his team’s discovery of Eris and other Kuiper Belt Objects. We asked him to help us explain this unusual region of our solar sytem. Remove this ad Fraser Cain on Google+

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Where Should We Look for Life in the Solar System?

by Fraser Cain December 11, 2013

Emily Lakdawalla is the senior editor and planetary evangelist for the Planetary Society. She’s also one of the most knowledgeable people I know about everything that’s going on in the Solar System. From Curiosity’s exploration of Mars to the search for life in the icy outer reaches of the Solar System, Emily can give you […]

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