A Fun Way of Understanding E=mc2

by Joshua Carroll September 24, 2014

Many people fail to realize just how much energy there is locked up in matter. The nucleus of any atom is an oven of intense radiation, and when you open the oven door, that energy spills out; oftentimes violently. However, there is something even more intrinsic to this aspect of matter that escaped scientists for […]

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There Are No Such Things As Black Holes

by Jason Major September 24, 2014

That’s the conclusion reached by one researcher from the University of North Carolina: black holes can’t exist in our Universe — not mathematically, anyway. “I’m still not over the shock,” said Laura Mersini-Houghton, associate physics professor at UNC-Chapel Hill. “We’ve been studying this problem for a more than 50 years and this solution gives us a […]

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First Precise Measurement of Antihydrogen

by Shannon Hall June 5, 2014

The best science — the questions that capture and compel any human being — is enshrouded in mystery. Here’s an example: scientists expect that matter and antimatter were created in equal quantities shortly after the Big Bang. If this had been the case, the two types of particles would have annihilated each other, leaving a […]

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Cosmologists Cast Doubt on Inflation Evidence

by Jason Major March 24, 2014

It was just a week ago that the news blew through the scientific world like a storm: researchers from the BICEP2 project at the South Pole Telescope had detected unambiguous evidence of primordial gravitational waves in the cosmic microwave background, the residual rippling of space and time created by the sudden inflation of the Universe […]

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That Moment When the “Father of Inflation” Learns of the Detection of Gravitational Waves

by Nancy Atkinson March 17, 2014

Andrei Linde, a professor in the Department of Physics at Stanford University, is one of the main authors of the inflationary universe theory, that the universe underwent a brief but remarkably accelerated expansion immediately following the Big Bang. Today, scientists announced that they’ve found direct evidence of primordial gravitational waves, which would provide a “smoking […]

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