Sparks Fly on Mars as Curiosity Laser Blasts Red Planet Rock – Photos/Video

by Ken Kremer July 19, 2014

Want to stay on top of all the space news? Follow @universetoday on Twitter Curiosity has zapped hundreds of Red Planet rocks with her powerful laser blaster during her lifetime and has now caught the sparks flying for the first time as they happened – as seen in new photos and video above and below […]

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Trekking Mars – Curiosity Roves Outside Landing Ellipse!

by Ken Kremer June 30, 2014

Trekking Mars – NASA’s intrepid robot Curiosity is roving rapidly across the sandy ripples of the Red Planet in her quest to reach mysterious Mount Sharp and just drove outside her landing ellipse! The six wheeled rover marked a major milestone on Sol 672, June 27, 2014, by traversing beyond her targeted landing ellipse for […]

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Driving, Driving, Driving – Curiosity’s Top Priority on the Road to Mysterious Mount Sharp

by Ken Kremer June 22, 2014

Driving, Driving, Driving – that’s the number one priority for NASA’s rover Curiosity as she traverses across the floor of Gale Crater towards towering Mount Sharp on an expedition in search of the chemical ingredients of life that could support Martian microbes if they ever existed. See our photo mosaics above and below showing the […]

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Curiosity Captures Mercury from Mars

by Jason Major June 10, 2014

NASA’s Curiosity rover may be busy exploring the rugged and rocky interior of Gale Crater, but it does get a chance to skygaze on occasion. And while looking at the Sun on June 3, 2014 (mission Sol 649) the rover’s Mastcam spotted another member of our Solar System: tiny Mercury, flitting across the Sun’s face. Silhouetted against […]

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Curiosity Captures Stunning New Mount Sharp Panorama ‘On The Go’

by Ken Kremer June 7, 2014

Within the past Martian day on Friday, June 6, NASA’s rover Curiosity captured a stunning new panorama of towering Mount Sharp and the treacherous sand dunes below which she must safely traverse before reaching the mountains foothills – while ‘On The Go’ to her primary destination. See our brand new Mount Sharp photo mosaic above […]

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