Let’s Put a Sailboat on Titan

by Michael Habib April 15, 2014

The large moons orbiting the gas giants in our solar system have been getting increasing attention in recent years. Titan, Saturn’s largest moon, is the only natural satellite known to house a thick atmosphere. It’s surface, revealed in part by the Cassini probe, is sculpted by lakes and rivers. There is interest in exploring Titan […]

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“Bright Light” on Mars is Just an Image Artifact

by Nancy Atkinson April 8, 2014

Thanks to everyone who has emailed, Tweeted and texted me about the “artificial bright light” seen on Mars. And I’m so sorry to disappoint all the folks who were hoping for aliens, but what you see above is just an image artifact due to a cosmic ray hitting the right-side navigation camera on the Curiosity […]

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Real Images From NASA Show the ‘Cosmos’ as a Space-Time Odyssey

by Nancy Atkinson March 10, 2014

With the premiere of the revamped “Cosmos” series, NASA used this opportunity to showcase the imagery and missions that are such a big part of our explorations of the Universe, live-Tweeting during the show: Nancy Atkinson on Google+

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A Mesmerizing Look at Year 4 of the Solar Dynamics Observatory

by Nancy Atkinson February 11, 2014

Four years ago today, the Solar Dynamics Observatory embarked on a five-year mission to boldly go where no Sun-observing satellite has gone before. SDO uses its three instruments to look constantly at the Sun in ten different wavelengths. Called the “Crown Jewel” of NASA’s fleet of solar observatories, SDO is a technologically advanced spacecraft that […]

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Brand New Impact Crater Shows Up on Mars

by Nancy Atkinson February 5, 2014

The great thing about the longevity of the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter is that we can see changes taking place on the Red Planet, such as this relatively new and rather large impact crater. This image shows a stunning 30-meter-wide crater with a rayed blast zone and far-flung secondary material surrounding. Scientists say the impact and […]

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