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Mountains, Gandalf! Red Planet Pictures Show Mars In The Eyes Of The Rovers

by Elizabeth Howell July 14, 2014

Fancy a little Mars in your daily life? You need go no further than the excellent raw image archive that NASA generously provides on its website, showing the view from the Opportunity and Curiosity rovers as they make their way on the surface. Opportunity is rolling along in its eleventh year of operations, busily exploring […]

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Go Mars-Digging Beside Curiosity In New Interactive Panorama

by Elizabeth Howell November 12, 2013

Here’s a nice distraction to start off the day: pretend you’re playing in the sandbox of Mars alongside Curiosity. This new panorama shows the NASA Rover hanging out somewhat nearby Mount Sharp (Aeolis Mons), its ultimate destination for the two-year prime mission it’s currently on. Elizabeth Howell on Google+

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Finding Life in All the Unlikely, Unexpected Places

by John Williams September 24, 2012

Just one of several weather stations set up at Chott El Jerid, a Tunisian saltpan, measuring temperature, humidity, ultraviolet radiation, wind direction and velocity. Image credit: Felipe Gom├ęz/Europlanet From orbit and on the ground, Mars looks inhospitable. But it doesn’t look much different than the freezing Antarctic plains, sun-baked saltpans in Tunisia or Spain’s corrosively […]

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Say Ahhh to Mars

by John Williams September 13, 2012

Take a deep breath because this new panorama from Mars enthusiast Stu Atkinson will take it away. “Anyway, a whole bunch of these came down, like I said, and to my delight they all linked up to form a big, biiiiiiiig panoramic mosaic,” said Stu on his blog “The Gale Gazette.” “And here it is. […]

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Take a Trip to Explore Gale Crater

by John Williams August 27, 2012

Images from the Curiosity rover on Mars are truly spectacular but a large mosaic from the THEMIS camera aboard NASA’s Mars Odyssey orbiter gives a grand perspective of our new foothold on Mars. Take some time to rove and explore Gale Crater. The viewer, created using a web-imaging technology from Zoomify, is set to move […]

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