Mercury’s Ready For Its Close-Up, Mr. MESSENGER

by Jason Major May 15, 2014

Are you ready for a good close look at Mercury? At an incredible 5 meters per pixel, this is one of the highest-resolution images of Mercury’s surface ever captured. It was acquired on March 15 with the MESSENGER spacecraft’s MDIS (Mercury Dual Imaging System) instrument and shows an 8.3-km (5.2-mile) -wide section of Mercury’s north polar region, […]

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Twin NASA Probes Find “Zebra Stripes” in Earth’s Radiation Belt

by Jason Major March 19, 2014

Earth’s inner radiation belt displays a curiously zebra-esque striped pattern, according to the latest findings from NASA’s twin Van Allen Probes. What’s more, the cause of the striping seems to be the rotation of the Earth itself — something that was previously thought to be impossible. “…it is truly humbling, as a theoretician, to see […]

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Comets Encke and ISON Spotted from Mercury

by Jason Major November 14, 2013

Two comets currently on their way toward the Sun have been captured on camera from the innermost planet. The MESSENGER spacecraft in orbit around Mercury has spotted the well-known short-period comet Encke as well as the much-anticipated comet ISON, imaging the progress of each over the course of three days. Both comets will reach perihelion […]

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Fly Across Mercury with MESSENGER!

by Jason Major November 8, 2013

Take a ride on the Mercury express and see what MESSENGER sees in these two new videos! Each made from over 280 Narrow-Angle Camera (NAC) images taken at intervals of four seconds, the videos give us a first-class seat on a flight over some of the rugged, sun-scorched surfaces on Mercury’s southern hemisphere. Check out […]

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A Mercurial Milestone: 1,000 Featured Images from MESSENGER!

by Jason Major September 10, 2013

It’s been nearly two and a half years since the NASA-sponsored MESSENGER mission entered orbit around Mercury — the first spacecraft ever to do so — and today the MESSENGER team celebrated the 1,000th featured image on the mission site with a mosaic of discovery highlights, seen above. “I thought it sensible to produce a collage […]

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