Cosmic Background Radiation

We’ve Discovered Inflation! Now What?

by Brian Koberlein March 17, 2014

Days like these make being an astrophysicist interesting.  On the one hand, there is the annoucement of BICEP2 that the long-suspected theory of an inflationary big bang is actually true.  It’s the type of discovery that makes you want to grab random people off the street and tell them what an amazing thing the Universe […]

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Why Is This A Special Time For The Universe?

by Fraser Cain March 6, 2014

You might be surprised to know that you’re living in a very special time in the Universe. And in the far future, our descendant astronomers will wish they could live in such an exciting time Let’s find out why. Fraser Cain on Google+

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Planck’s Cosmic Map Reveals Universe Older, Expanding More Slowly

by John Williams March 21, 2013

Like archaeologists sifting through the dust of ancient civilizations, scientists with the ESA Planck mission today showed a map of the oldest light in the Universe. The first cosmology results of the mission suggest our Universe is slightly older and expanding more slowly than previously thought. Planck’s new estimate for the age of the Universe […]

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Super Good at Collecting Data, Massive Science Balloon Breaks Records

by John Williams February 5, 2013

Super-TIGER prepares for launch from Antarctica. NASA’s Super-TIGER science balloon landed Friday at a frigid and remote base in Antarctica after setting two duration records while gathering data about cosmic rays. There’s so much data that it will take scientists about two years to analyze, according to NASA.

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Planck Unveils the Wonders of the Universe

by Mark Thompson January 12, 2011

The mission began on 13th August 2009 with a goal to image the echo’s of the birth of the Universe, the cosmic background radiation. But scientists working on the European Space Agency’s (ESA) Planck mission got more than they bargained for making ground breaking discoveries and shedding light on old mysteries. By studying light from […]

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